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Welcome to Trieste books’ Europe category. Europe attracts more tourists than any other continent. Of the ten most visited countries on Earth, seven are in Europe, and for good reason. Europe has a cultural heritage spanning more than three millennia: the continent has seen the rise and fall of Ancient Greece and of the Roman Empire, as well as giving birth to the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution. Countless kingdoms, republics and empires have bequeathed to us numerous archaeological sites, an abundance of old cities and the most magnificent cathedrals in the world. In addition to complex historical tapestry, Europe is a font of high culture, and is also renowned for its exciting and romantic cities and its varied cuisine. Europe is literally bursting with: architectural and historical monuments, spectacular examples of painting and sculpture, religious relics and everything that restless humanity has created over the long centuries of its existence on European lands. Tourist Europe is a colorful fragrant bouquet of countries, cities and resorts. There is no type of recreation that could not be found in this region. Europe is divided into Western and Eastern, Northern and Southern, and Central. This division is rather arbitrary, especially since not only purely geographical, but also political factors come into play here. Some countries, depending on the point of view, can be attributed to different regions of Europe. Europe stretches from the frosty Arctic Ocean in the north to the warm subtropical Mediterranean Sea in the south, and includes a wide range of temperate climates and varied landscapes in between. The east of the continent is contiguous with Asia, and for historical reasons the border is usually drawn from the Ural Mountains through the Caucasus to the Aegean Sea, while the western ends of the continent protrude firmly into the Atlantic Ocean. We at Trieste Books have prepared for you a selected collection of books dedicated to travels through Europe, and are pleased to present such works as: “My Travels Through Europe And My Western Trip” by George F. Stackpole, Grant Allen’s “The European Tour” and many others. Travel to amazing and cultural Europe with Trieste Books, where everyone will find a book to their liking.
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