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Welcome to the Denmark category of Trieste Books. The Scandinavian Kingdom of Denmark is located in Northern Europe on the Jutland Peninsula. This is the southernmost country in Scandinavia, which is washed by the North and Baltic Seas and borders on Germany in the south. In the north-east it is separated by the Kattegat and Øresund straits from Sweden, and in the north - by the Skagerrak Strait from Norway. Denmark encapsulates four hundred islands, ninety of which are inhabited. Denmark is loved by travelers for its picturesque landscapes, ancient castles, architectural monuments of past centuries, its cultural events and interesting traditions. The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is located on the island of Zealand. The city is home to many historic buildings, magnificent cathedrals, and museums. Main attractions include: Christianborg Palace - the 12th century castle is also home to the Danish parliament; the National Library, which is one of the largest in Scandinavia; the Frederik's Church, also popularly known as The Marble Church is one of the most beautiful and unusual buildings in the city; Amalienborg square, which is an architectural complex dating from the 18th century and consisting of four luxurious palaces on the sides of a large square, at the center of which is a monument to King Frederick V; the Royal Theater, which is a magnificent and ancient building of the 18th century; Masteller - a citadel and harbor defensive structure that was erected during the reign of King Christian IV; and the Little Mermaid statue, which has become a symbol of Denmark. Denmark is also the country that many associate with the tales of Hans Christian Andersen. We have prepared a collection of travel books in Denmark especially for you. Explore Denmark and plunge into the world of fairy tales, ancient castles, charming cities and picturesque landscapes with Trieste Books.
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