The thirty-six dramatic situations
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ISBN: 9780649764907
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The thirty-six dramatic situations

Georges Polti
Lucille Ray

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The thirty-six dramatic situations – is one of the most famous works of Georges Polti. Georges Polti was a French writer, literary critic and theater critic. This book is proof that all dramatic works are based on any of the thirty-six plot situations. Polti divides each of the thirty-six plots into several varieties, indicates the required minimum set of characters and relations between them, and gives examples that fully or partially correspond to this type. According to Polti, thirty-six plots are based on a typology of human relationships and experiences. These thirty-six plots include: Supplication; Deliverance; Crime pursued by vengeance; Vengeance taken for kin upon kin; Pursuit; Disaster; Falling prey to cruelty/misfortune; Revolt; Daring enterprise; Abduction; The enigma; Obtaining; Enmity of kin; Rivalry of kin; Murderous adultery; Madness; Fatal imprudence; Involuntary crimes of love; Slaying of kin unrecognized; Self-sacrifice for an ideal; Self-sacrifice for kin; All sacrificed for passion; Necessity of sacrificing loved ones; Rivalry of superior vs. inferior; Adultery; Crimes of love; Discovery of the dishonour of a loved one; Obstacles to love; An enemy loved; Ambition; Conflict with a god; Mistaken jealousy; Erroneous judgment; Remorse; Recovery of a lost one; Loss of loved ones.

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I will not stop thinking about this book for a very, very long time.

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