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Travel and Reportage Books

Travel books serve as a motivating source of inspiration and at Trieste Publishing the world is at your fingertips. Who doesn’t dream about visiting the greatest and most fascinating places on our planet? With Trieste books you can read about the amazing lands of the uncharted Antarctic glacier or the ancient tribes of the Amazon's jungle.

We have the best new and classic travel books available. You can find books about distant lands and the people that inhabit them, travelogues, Encyclopedias, travel novels, short stories, history puzzles, unique sights of extinct civilizations and the wonders of the world.

Our books suit dreamers and true travellers – those who aren’t afraid to pitch their tent anywhere. With an interesting adventure book your dreams of travelling through the page can come true.

Adventure books allow you to dive into a world of adventure with yourself as the main character. Let imaginary friends take you on the path less travelled all the while discovering new skills and qualities. Adventure books give us the right to take a wonderful trip and have real fun, passing all the tests. Be captivated by the exciting mysteries and experiences available.

We have classic bestselling books and authors including Dumas and his “The Count of Monte Cristo”, the stories of Jack London, Robinson Crusoe by Defoe and Mark Twain. There is something to interest everyone at Trieste.

For fans of fantasy and adventure we offer books about unexplored jungles and islands, buried treasure, shipwrecks with secret holds, treacherous pirates, lost civilizations and amazing creatures of a bygone era.

Travel and adventure literature will appeal to teens and adults, children and seniors! We want to entertain a wide range of our avid readers with a thirst for adventure: book your adventure story with us!

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