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Welcome to the Asia category of Trieste Books. Asia is the largest continent in the world in terms of area and population, accounting for more than half of the world's population. The continent is too massive and diverse to be considered a single digestible tourist destination. Travel options range from the ruins of the Middle East desert to magnificent ancient sites and giant mountains in South Asia, from beach bungalows and trekking in the jungle of Southeast Asia to the capitals of East Asia. Asia on the world map can be compared to a variegated carpet of cultures, nationalities, languages and distinctive traditions. It is likely that there is no continent on Earth more colorful, diverse and rich in all kinds of wonders than Asia. Although man came from Africa, it was in Asia that he learned to sow and reap, invented the wheel, writing and philosophy. Asia has seen a lot over these millennia: bloodthirsty hordes of nomads and the flourishing of great civilizations, devastation and fertility, primitive cruelty and magnificent pearls of art, millions of wars and the birth of religions. Asia offers intriguing destinations for any traveler, whether newbie or seasoned traveler. These vast, densely populated lands of Asia are great travel destinations in their own right due to their long history, tradition and diversity. Trieste Books presents a selection of the best books on Asia, where experienced explorers and travelers share their experiences and impressions of the countries and places they have visited. We have classic books that will take you to mysterious and exotic Asia, such as ‘‘Diary In Ceylon & India, 1878-9” by Edward George Henry 8th Earl of Sandwich Montagu, articles and letters by Rudyard Kipling in his "The Eyes Of Asia", L.N. Wheeler and his experience in “The Foreigner In China”, “Among The Tibetans” by Isabella Bird, “Through The Malay Archipelago” by Emily Richings and more. Discover the incredible world of Asia with Trieste Books, where everyone can choose something interesting for themselves and go on an exciting journey through the mysterious East.
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