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"We’re pleased to present Trieste Publishing's Middle East book category. Ancient civilizations of the Middle East have formed a rich history, and history continues to this day. This region has been a major center of world culture throughout its history. It is so vast, in fact, that it is impossible to cover it with only one book. Here you can pay attention to the book “Rough notes of a traveler” is a travelogue written by A. W. Dobbie, an eccentric English writer who was a Scots-born South Australian travel writer. In this book, he describes his travels from Cape Town to Australia via Ceylon, Egypt, Algeria, Italy, France, Sandwich Islands, Fiji and other British colonies around the world. You may be also interested in the book “Sketches Of A Tour In Egypt And Palestine, During The Spring Of 1856”. This little book is presented to the public as a true representation of the feelings of the writer, who first visited the scenes filled with such interest, without any pretense to give their full description. For those who have already visited these countries, he certainly cannot offer anything new; but if he recalls the pleasant hours spent there, or encourages others to go on a journey, the writer's goal will be more than achieved. Also don't miss a book from our Trieste Publishing collection «A Photographic Expedition in Egypt, Palestine, Turkey & Greece» by Percy R. Salmon. This book is full of travel tips, stories, letters, and more. Mr. Salmon's photographic adventure in Egypt, Palestine, Turkey and Greece is a unique and fascinating pictorial essay on the history and culture of this fascinating region. It covers all aspects of his trip from its first port of call at Alexandria to the first views of the pyramids and other wonders he encountered along his journey. The author's expedition was purely photographic in its aims, and most of the impressions he had to record are more or less related to photography. Discover the wonderful Middle East with Trieste Books from the comfort of your home. Use our easy-to-follow book titles to find out what you need to know about the fascinating Middle East and its people. "
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