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"Welcome to the Egypt category of Trieste Publishing. Egypt is a country of vast beauty. The sun shines on it all year round, the Nile brings life to its people, and the water of the Nile flows over its beautiful sites with amazing force. Egypt is home to some of the most fascinating history in human civilization. From Sphinxes to pyramids, from beehives to mummies, Egypt has it all. It's no wonder that Egypt is also one of our most popular destinations for travel. From our extensive Trieste Publishing collection dedicated to travel in Egypt, we present to you “Egyptian sketches” by Jeremiah Lynch. These small sketches were mostly written in Cairo in the fall of 1889 and the first months of 1890. While there, the author communicated daily with Europeans who were closely acquainted with Egypt, and with the natives themselves. Therefore, the author believes that he knows the country of the Nile better than the average visitor for whom one month is a long stay. And yet the author is not an Egyptologist, and simply with this book wanted to encourage others to visit a country that he did not want to leave. In this book, the author simply described the experience and observation of a person from the New World. Also you can be impressed reading “Our Caughnawagas In Egypt” by Louis Jackson. There is something unique about the idea that New World aborigines were sent to teach Egyptians how to get through the rapids of the Nile, which they had somehow navigated for thousands of years, which should make this little book attractive to of all readers, especially since it was written by a man who was born and raised in Caughnawaga, who, with the penetrating gaze of an Indian, noticed many things that were not noticed by ordinary tourists and travelers. It is written in an excellent spirit that other travelers might reasonably imitate. Or you and your children can be interested in “Walter's Tour In The East; Walter In Egypt” authored by Daniel C. Eddy. This book is one of a series of six books. This will tell you about the visit by a company of young tourists to the most interesting and sacred places on earth. Such incidents will be told and facts presented that will interest and educate boys and girls, and give an idea of the romantic East even to adults. The author's goal is to bring constant benefit, as well as to entertain and delight the reader. Start your trip to Egypt with Trieste Publishing. "
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