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"Welcome to the South America category of Trieste Publishing. Today we are proud to present an overview of South America, a continent that is rapidly growing in tremendous size and significance. Our catalog of books on South America covers an entire continent, one that can be explored through its varied cultures, climates, ethnic groups and histories. South America is a whole world, unknown, bright, alluring and frightening at the same time. Each country of this continent deserves the closest study, the most curious tourists and the most enthusiastic reviews. The struggle that the patriots of South America are undertaking to establish their independence has attracted attention and deeply interested in the world. Few were interested in the truth, and even fewer were willing to investigate it. The investigation would indeed be unprofitable and, in any case, laborious and without the prospect of obtaining benefits in the future; and the most beautiful part of the globe, the most attractive for the adventurer and scientist; most conducive to the development of genius and the pursuit of industry - all this will be covered in more detail in the book ""Letters On The United Provinces Of South America, Addressed To The Hon. Henry Clay, Speaker Of The House Of Representatives In The U. States"" by Vicente Pazos and Platt H. Crosby. Or you may be interested in reading about exciting adventures of Spanish explorations of South America? Then let us to recommend to you a book “The Amazons of South America; thrilling adventures of reckless buccaneers and daring freebooters” written by C. M. Stevens. You can also enjoy the wonderful stories of William Henry Hudson, the Anglo-Argentine writer, in “South American Sketches”, a four-story book, plus an appendix to one of them. These books and many others dedicated to South America can be found in our Trieste Publishing book catalog. Enjoy reading, explore and travel the amazing, colorful and vast South America with Trieste Publishing books. "
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