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"Welcome to the Chile & Other South America category of Trieste Publishing. Chile & Other South America is the perfect destination for history buffs, nature lovers, foodies, wildlife enthusiasts, and other travelers who appreciate their time in those magnificent countries. If you want to learn more about Chile, than we can recommend ""Three Years In Chili"" - a collection of essays and travel stories about this country. With a wealth of personal experiences in Chile, George B. Merwin produced this book that provides valuable insight into life in South America's most diverse country. This book is a comprehensive travel guide for all three years, from the departure from New York to the end of the trip and return to Boston, consisting of nineteen chapters. We also have a book for you, if you are interested in such South American country as Peru - ""A Guide to Modern Peru: Its Great Advantages and Vast Opportunities"" written by Adolfo de Clairmont, is a comprehensive travel guide to Peru offering space for all of its resources. This book is a source of historical information about Peru, as well as its development and interesting places to visit. The book also covers a wide range of topics such as geology, mining, culture and events. The guidebook to Peru is a unique and indispensable reference for anyone interested in exploring this South American country. Also don’t miss exciting book of our Trieste Publishing catalogue “The journal of an expedition across Venezuela and Colombia, 1906-1907” by Hiram Bingham. The author, being a historian, over the years collected material for the history of the South American Wars of Independence and for the biographies of San Martin and Bolivar, the main characters of that era. In order to understand this period in the history of South America, he went on an expedition, which was supposed to have as its purpose not only the study of the country where Bolivar lived and fought, and visiting the places of his most important battles, Carabobo and Boyaca, as well as exploring the route of himself famous campaign. Most of the journey passed through regions about which little has been written; it was advisable to publish this expedition journal in detail. Although the author was a historian and not a naturalist, he hoped that the records of his observations might nevertheless prove useful in the fields of geography and ethnology. Travel, explore and discover Chile and other South American countries with the best books of Trieste Publishing collection. "
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