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"Welcome to the Argentina category of Trieste Publishing. With our Trieste Publishing books, your journey begins with an introduction to Argentina, with detailed information about its geography, history, culture and more. You will learn how it came into being in the 16th century when Spanish conquistadors arrived on the Iberian Peninsula following exploration and conquest of the Americas. How about feeling like an explorer traveler? We bring to your attention the book by Julius Beerbohm, Victorian travel-writer, engineer and explorer, ""Wanderings In Patagonia Or Life Among The Ostrich-Hunters"". Beerbohm traveled to Patagonia in 1877 with a group sent to survey the land between Port Desire and Santa Cruz. This book is an account of the time he spent there. In the book, he vividly describes the natural history and geography of the country, which he called ""the last creation of nature."" Beerbohm traveled through the deserts and jungles with the native Indians, the people Ferdinand Magellan met in 1520 when he discovered the country. If you have a desire to learn more not only about the travels and descriptions of Argentina, but also about the richness of flora and fauna of this amazing country, then we are happy to present to your attention the book ""Idle days in Patagonia"" by William Henry Hudson, Anglo-Argentine writer, ornithologist and naturalist. What better way to enjoy the beauty and rich history and nature of Patagonia than on a day when you’re not working? The idyllic landscapes and tranquil surroundings of Patagonia are ideal for quiet reflection. This book will capture your thoughts during those special times when you’d like to be with nature. Also, you and your children will be interested in the adventure story described in the book ""Frank Powderhorn"" by J. Sands. A naturalist of any age may be interested to know that his account of Buenos Aires is based on the author's personal experience and that his remarks about the curious animals that inhabit the country are the result of careful observation. The illustrations related to this part of the item are based on sketches made by the author on the spot. All these books and many others dedicated to Argentina are available in our Trieste Publishing book catalog. Enjoy reading the best books about traveling, exploring and discovering wonderful Argentina with Trieste Publishing books. "
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