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Welcome to the Central America category of Trieste Books. Central America connects North and South America. Geographically, North America is made up of seven small, mostly tropical countries that have much more in common with South America and Mexico than with the richer north. Mexico is sometimes considered part of Central America due to the language and cultural heritage that Mexico shares with several Central American countries. The northern geographic boundary of Central America is often considered the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Mexico, while the southern boundary lies somewhere in Colombia or Panama. It is often believed that Central America consists of only 5 countries that simultaneously gained independence on September 15, 1821, with the exception of Belize (formerly a British colony) and Panama (then part of Colombia). Central America is home to ancient civilizations such as the Maya and Aztecs. After the discovery of the Americas by Columbus, Spanish adventurers followed. The Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes entered the Aztec capital in 1519 and destroyed it. A hitherto an unknown land to Europe, and one of the richest countries in the world became a province of Spain. The sights of Central America can be divided into natural, architectural and intangible. Natural attractions often include Lake Nicaragua, the largest freshwater body of Central America and the world's only freshwater lake that is home to sharks and Belize Reefs, the second largest barrier reef in the world. The architectural landmarks include the city of Antigua (Guatemala), which was built in the 16th century and was the capital of Guatemala during the colonial era, but in 1773 it was badly damaged by an earthquake. The Folk Dances of Guatemala are part of the cultural heritage of Central America. Trieste Books has collected a selection of books dedicated to Central America. We are delighted to present such books as: “Illustrated History Of The Panama Railroad; Together With A Traveler's Guide And Business Man's Hand-Book For The Panama Railroad And Its Connections” authored by F. N. Otis; F. Hopkinson Smith’s “A White Umbrella In Mexico”; “Panama And The Canal” by Alfred B. Hall & Clarence L. Chester, and many others. Explore amazing Central America with Trieste Books, where everyone can find something of particular interest.
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