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Welcome to the Mexico category of Trieste Books. Mexico is a motley mixture of Caribbean, Spanish and Native American cultures. Mexico is known for its cuisine, art, archaeology, history, pyramids, music, museums, hacienda, 6,000 miles (9,600 km) of coastline, gorgeous architecture, weather from snow-capped mountains in the Sierras to rainy jungles in the southeast and desert in the northwest. Against the backdrop of untouched nature, the excavation sites of the ancient Mayan cities, which are 2 thousand years old or more, also look fabulous. Mexico encapsulates outstanding natural habitats, white sandy beaches, coral reefs, snowy volcanoes, deserts, a rich history with archaeological sites of the Aztecs and Maya, colonial palaces, and welcoming inhabitants. The world of Mexico is also mysterious, with traces of one of the oldest cultures on earth, surrounded by the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and bathed a pleasant climate. Mexico is a fabulous land that contrasts the past and the present. It enchants with beautiful natural landscapes, magical rituals and beliefs that neither the Spanish conquistadors nor Catholic preachers could eradicate. Mexico is a treasure trove of flora and fauna diversity. During winter you can see millions of royal butterflies that have escaped the cold from other regions of the planet. Only here you can find in nature almost all types of sea turtles. On the Mexican portion of the Gulf of California one can witness whales in their native element. Trieste Books has compiled a selected collection of books dedicated to Mexico. We are glad to offer such works as “Mexico Of To-Day” authored by Solomon Buckley Griffin, F. Hopkinson Smith’s “A White Umbrella In Mexico”, “Mexico, Old And New: A Wonder-Land” by Sullivan Holman McCollester and others. Discover incredible and colorful Mexico together with Trieste Books.
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