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"The Iceland and Greenland category of Trieste Books is a collection of books for those interested in the unique nature of both Iceland and Greenland. The next time you are craving an adventure, but don't have the time or money to explore the world, let Trieste Publishing take you there. We offer a wide variety of interesting features in this category, which is a fascinating way to experience the bitter cold of winter in Iceland and Greenland. Iceland has established itself as a tourist destination with plenty of accommodation options to match you with one of the most exciting countries in Europe. It is also home to some of the most pristine natural areas in the world. With its diverse sites, breathtaking countryside, and spectacular cities, Iceland will make your next trip unforgettable. A trip to Iceland in 1862 is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the richness of this unique culture. A trip like this can often be described as a journey, and reading the book “Notes of a Trip To Iceland In 1862” by Alexander Bryson will give you an idea of what that entails. Also we glad to present a book about traveling Iceland from Trieste Publishing collection N. L. Van Gruisen’s ""A Holiday In Iceland"". The collection of stories about Iceland is to bring back the holiday spirit. Each story is unique, but each will still leave you with a warm feeling toward the country that brought you to your senses for this season. Greenland is a vast and icy land, and the world's largest island. The ice sheet reaches up to two kilometers in height, and one-third of Greenland is covered by an ice cap that is over three kilometers thick. From the discovery of the American continent to the petroglyphs left behind by ancient inhabitants, Greenland has a rich history to explore. Don't miss a book from our Trieste Publishing catalog by George William Manby “Journal Of A Voyage To Greenland, In The Year 1821. With Graphic Illustrations”. In 1821, Captain George William Manby set out from London with a small ketch called the Adventurer for Greenland. He had been given a letter of introduction to the Danish Prime Minister, Lord Amherst, who was particularly interested in a new voyage to explore and chart the Arctic regions. The book contains illustrations by Manby himself illustrating events and places described in the book. With our books about Iceland and Greenland, you can travel and discover these wonderful countries from your home with Trieste Books. "
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