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Welcome to the Caribbean & West Indies category of Trieste Books. The legendary Antilia, and later the colonial West Indies were captured by the Europeans. the Caribbean are conveniently located between North and South America. “The West Indies” is the historical name for the islands of the Caribbean Sea, including the Caribbean Islands, the Bahamas and islands in the adjacent waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The first European navigators, who mistakenly believed that they had come to India, moving westward from Europe, gave the name to the West Indies region. It is for this reason that the indigenous people of America came to be called Indians. The West Indies include the Spanish, Portuguese, British, French and other West Indies - these are the lands of every European state in this region since the end of the 15th century. The term West Indies appeared, when most European countries occupied the lands of the New Continent. The Caribbean Islands are covered with lush vegetation; in the mountains there are European fruit trees, in the lowlands tropical plants grow, while the inner regions of the large Caribbean islands are occupied by huge savannas. The waters of the Caribbean teem with life, while the coastal coral reefs of the Caribbean provide shelter for a large number of living creatures. On more than fifty islands of the Caribbean Sea, there is a true balanced paradise, the perfect combination of natural and man-made. The colonial past of the Caribbean has left behind a rich heritage in the form of pompous mansions and a mass of house-museums that perfectly complement the exotic nature, where you can observe volcanic raises and lush tropical forests, thickets of bananas and sugarcane alternating spacious coffee plantations. Trieste Books presents a selected collection of books on travel in Caribbean & West Indies. Among our extensive collection at Trieste Books, you can find works such as: Julia Ward Howe’s “A Trip To Cuba”; “Cruising In The West Indies” by Anson Phelps Stokes; Richard Henry Jr. Dana’s “To Cuba And Back: A Vacation Voyage”; “Journal Of A Residence Among The Negroes In The West Indies” by Matthew Gregory Lewis, and others. Travel and discover tropical and exotic Caribbean & West Indies together with Trieste Books.
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