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Welcome to the Great Britain category of Trieste Books. Great Britain is a sovereign state located northwest of Continental Europe, in the British Isles. Great Britain is a state consisting of four countries: monarchical England with its blue lakes; the mountains of Scotland; the cozy villages of Northern Ireland; and the land of medieval castles in Wales. Some of the most popular attractions are the country's oldest fortress, Lincoln, the medieval city of York, and the most mysterious structure of all - Stonehenge. Lovers of nature, fauna and flora should visit Lancashire with the largest national park in England and the Lake District with magnificent lakes. The best places to experience English traditions are Oxford and Cambridge, Shakespeare's birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon and the city of Durham. You can wander through charming English villages in the Cotswolds, and at the same time see a giant limestone cliff. History buffs will be fascinated by Northumberland, where there are so many castles and battlefields. For the sound of bagpipes and the sight of checkered kilts, should definitely visit Scottish castles and look into the Vale of Neath area - the birthplace of Nessie and the land of waterfalls. Great Britain is a country with a rich culture and unshakable centuries-old traditions, has played an enormous role in global history, and is full of color, some mystery, and undoubted hospitality. Trieste Books is proud to offer a select collection of unique and classic works about travel through Great Britain, including: W. I. Lincoln Adams’s illustrated “Photographing In Old England: With Some Snap Shots In Scotland And Wales”; “Peeps And Many Lands. Scotland” by Elizabeth Grierson; “Journal Of A Ramble In Scotland” authored by Charles Lesingham Smith; Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Edinburgh: Picturesque Notes”; Beatrice Erskine’s “London As An Art City” and many others. You will enjoy exploring Great Britain with Trieste Books.
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