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"Welcome to the Spain and Portugal category of Trieste Books. The legacy of the powerful empire of Spain remains as majestic. Literally every town in Spain has at least a few attractions, from iconic landmarks to local museums. «Cities And Sites Of Spain, A Handbook For Tourists» by Mrs. Aubrey Le Blond, written after three journeys totaling some 6,000 miles, will show what the author thinks of Spain, and the purpose of this book was to put in the hands of those who suggest visiting Spain an addition to the guidebooks they will carry. We also bring to your attention a book from our Trieste Books catalog ""Spanish Towns And Spanish Pictures"" by Mrs. W. A. Tollemache. This book is largely based on the Journal that the writer wrote during his trip to Spain in 1869, and was written with the hope that it might be useful to those who visit this beautiful country. The writer decided to publish these sketches as a nondescript guide, in which an attempt was made to ""collect fragments"" of English, Spanish and legendary history associated with the cities and images mentioned in his pages. A special purpose of the writer was also to acquaint with some facts related to the Spanish Church, which may be of interest to travelers in Catholic Spain. Portugal is one of the most beautiful and majestic countries in the world. This is a land of celebration, mystery and unique landscapes. Traveling to Portugal is an opportunity to plunge into a completely new world, where there is no boredom and sadness. The warm sun, clear sea and the riot of nature allow you to relax in body and soul. Oswald Crawfurd’s «Travels In Portugal» is a book about travels in Portugal, including illustrations and a map of the places visited in the book. Usually, travel guides too often view Portugal as a continuation, almost like a province of Spain. It is hoped that the small book ""In Portugal"" by Aubrey F. G. Bell may provide some insight into the individual character of the country, the strangeness of its cities and peasant life in its remote regions. While the completely opposite personalities of the two peoples should probably make the divorce between Spain and Portugal eternal and reduce the hopes of union to the idle dreams of politicians, Portugal itself contains endless variety. You can find these and many other books on travel to Spain and Portugal in our catalog. Travel the amazing Spain and Portugal comfortably with Trieste Books. "
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