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Welcome to the Greece category of Trieste Books. Greece is a beautiful country with several islands and a peninsula with access to four seas. It was she who gave the world the concept of statehood, democracy and philosophy. The culture of Ancient Greece still remains a model for the development of civilization, and the works of Greek philosophers and orators are studied in universities around the world. First of all, this is an excellent infrastructure, breathtaking landscapes and a rich history, you can learn more about this in the book of our catalog "Picturesque Greece: Architecture, Landscape, Life Of The People". The nature of this country makes you fall in love with it at first sight. Olive trees, majestic cypresses and plane trees that provide pleasant shade in especially hot weather, a bright riot of flowers - all this is a classic Greek summer. This country captures, captivates, allows you to get into a completely new world and every guest can touch it. If you are interested in poetry notes about travels in Greece, then we are glad to present to your attention "Memorials of a tour in some parts of Greece: chiefly poetical" by Richard Monckton Milnes. A book from our collection "Tales from the Isles of Greece, Being Sketches of Modern Greek Peasant Life", one of the few books dedicated to their peasant life, will tell you more about the culture and life of the Greeks. Trieste Books can also offer you books with many travel tips, stories, letters and travel photos, such as Percy R. Salmon's «A Photographic Expedition In Egypt, Palestine, Turkey & Greece» with about eighty photographs. Greece is also an important and integral biblical country, and Emerson Andrews' «Travels In Bible Lands: Italy, Egypt, Greece, Asia Minor, Syria, And Palestine» will help you learn more about this. These and many other books from the extensive collection of Trieste Books are ready to give you the opportunity to travel to amazing Greece from the comfort of your home. Travel with Trieste Books, where everyone can find a book for themselves for every taste and interest.
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