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Welcome to the Italy category of Trieste Books. Italy was once the core of the mighty Roman Empire and the cradle of the Renaissance. Italy is also home to the largest number of World Heritage Sites, including high art and monuments. Rome is the heart of the country. The eternal city has been in the spotlight for more than two millennia. Rome is an incredibly beautiful city with numerous monuments, temples and much more. Entire eras are intertwined in Rome. Venice is another legendary city with a unique and romantic image. The main square of San Marco is a must-see. Every city in Italy can be considered a tourist attraction. Many books have been written about Italy, providing many means to study the history of this interesting country and the innumerable associations associated with it. If you are interested not in standard travel records, but rather in personal experience in artistic form, then Charles Dickens's book “Pictures From Italy”. In “A Stained Glass Tour In Italy” by Charles Hitchcock Sherrill, you can see the old windows of Italy, where the author guides you up and down the earth and into most of the famous cities of this historic peninsula. You will visit unapproachable hill cities, great cities built on the plains, Venice, the Queen of the Adriatic, and Rome, the Immortal. The author strives to take the reader as far as possible into the distant Middle Ages, hoping in this way to get a vivid idea of the time and environment of the people who created these wonderful windows. The Italy you see will not be the Italy of most tourists, as your vision will be softened and warmed by the many shades of its magnificent glass. “Italy old and new” by Elizabeth Hazelton Haight contains a collection of essays and photographs taken during her own travels to classic places (including a visit to Ostia Antica and the search for Horace's Villa in Licenza). For more on northern Italy, see the book from Trieste Books collection “Traveling Sketches In The North Of Italy, The Tyrol, And On The Rhine”, where Leitch Ritchie presents to the reader a set of his own sketches based on impressions taken on site. Travel amazing Italy with Trieste Books, we have a book just for you.
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