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"Welcome to the Russia category of Trieste Books. It is difficult to imagine something more complex, heterogeneous and multi-component to describe than the vast immense Russia. Here there is once the capital, but in the strict spirit and exquisite architecture, the bureaucratic Petersburg remains so to this day. And the wide merchant, eternally dashing revelry, still famous for its domes headed by the Ivan the Great bell tower, now the capital of Moscow. And the cradle of Russian statehood is ancient Veliky Novgorod, and the eternally fighting border Pskov, Volga Yaroslavl, Kazan and the famous ""pocket of Russia"" - Nizhny Novgorod. And also the great Siberian expanses with a variety of natural attractions and ancient cities, seemingly completely inaccessible Far Eastern limits, so rich in beauty, if and the harsh climate. Russia is so large and diverse that everyone will find something interesting here for themselves. And Trieste Books is ready to present to your attention a collection of books about travels in Russia. The book ""The Self-Discovery Of Russia"" by J. Y. Simpson is devoted to some aspects of self-knowledge of Russia, which were visible in the summer of 1916. We also offer the book ""A Trip Up The Volga To The Fair Of Nijni-Novgorod"" by H. A. Munro-Butler-Johnstone, most of which is a small book appeared in the form of letters. In Russia, subjects are presented that are of the most diverse interest for students of historical and ethnological sciences, commercial and political facts. The author does not flatter himself that he has made a significant contribution to clarifying any of these topics; his goal will be fully achieved if he succeeds in awakening in any of his readers the desire to visit the scenes described in this book, or to continue the study of the large topic of Russian trade. A visitor to the banks of the Volga, in any case, cannot but return home the most pleasant memories of a country teeming with all kinds of interests, and of the friendship struck between pleasant and interesting people. You may also be interested in the travel guide ""A Trip Up The Volga To The Fair Of Nijni-Novgorod"" H. A. Munro-Butler-Johnstone, which describes visits to cities such as Saratov, Samara, Kazan, Nijni-Novgorod and much more. Explore the vast and diverse Russia with Trieste Books. "
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