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Welcome to the Germany category of Trieste Books. Germany is one of the most ancient and beautiful countries in Europe, known for her meticulous attitude to landscaping, her skilled artisans, as well as tourist sites associated with its rich past. For many centuries this land has changed and developed experienced ups and downs. Almost every town has sights and unusual monuments. Traveling through this amazing land is a leisurely study of the culture and history of the country, with all the nuances and details. Almost every large city is both a cultural center and a tourist destination. Everything is harmoniously presented and orderly. Berlin is the largest, most colorful, and liveliest city that is rich in a history that is reflected in its large number of museums, architectural monuments, galleries and ancient cathedrals. The Brandenburg Gate is a real symbol of the country, which was created at the end of the 18th century. Other famous sights of the city and its surroundings include Charlottenburg Palace and Museum Island, which displays the world famous Ishtar Gate from Ancient Babylon and the Pergamon Altar. Munich is the capital of Bavaria and a city of museums that have been built over the centuries. Munich is rich in cultural and historical monuments including: Frauenkirche (Cathedral of Our Dear Lady) - one of the city's visiting cards; Marienplatz square in the city center; Old Town Hall; and the New Town Hall, which is decorated with patterns of Bavarian princes, dukes, kings and figures of famous heroes and saints. Dresden is rightfully the cultural capital of Germany, while Aachen is a resort town located near the border with Belgium and the Netherlands and is famous for its balneological resorts. German kings were also crowned there for many centuries. Tourists come here to see the medieval buildings, admire the beautiful fountains and other historical sights. The Rhine Valley is a picturesque region of Germany, where there are medieval castles, fortresses, and vineyards densely planted on the hills of the valley that create an incredible impression of the landscape. Many interesting places in the country are located outside the big cities. The magnificent nature of Bavaria - alpine pastures, lakes, rivers, as well as various cultural institutions attract travelers from all over the world. Each city in Germany has its own traditions, architectural monuments, and religious shrines. Trieste Books has prepared for you selection of classic books on travel in Germany, which includes such works as: “From Broom To Heather; A Summer In A German Castle” by James Taft Hatfield; Edwin Lee’s “The Baths Of Rhenish Germany: With Notices Of The Adjacent Towns,” and many others. Discover Germany together with Trieste Books.
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