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Welcome to the Ukraine category of Trieste Books. Ukraine is one of the most unique countries for recreation and travel. Ukraine is strikingly different from most European countries, representing a real mystery for both adventure lovers and those who prefer a quiet vacation. Various climatic zones, flora and fauna, as well as a unique climate will help make your vacation in Ukraine truly interesting and unforgettable. Ukraine can rightfully be called a treasure hunter's chest. It has a rich culture that expresses itself in everything it does, from the arts to its cuisine. The landscape is varied with plains, mountains, lakes, rivers, and forest steppe. The people are open-minded and hospitable, always with a smile on their faces. Books of Trieste Publishing feature descriptions and travelogues of locations in Ukraine that are ideal for recreation and traveling. It covers different parts of this great country with such a rich history. Ukraine is a country that has always intrigued the world with its history and natural beauty. This beautiful book will provide you with an insight into this fascinating country and its people. We are pleased to recommend a book of the Trieste Publishing catalogue “A Journey On A Plank From Kiev To Eaux-Bonnes, 1859” is that tells the tale of Charlotte Pepys' journey on a plank from Kiev to Eaux-Bonnes, France. William Lennox Lascelles De Ros was a British traveller and a son of the 1st Earl of Harewood. He visited Crimea in 1835-36 and wrote about it in "Journal Of A Tour In The Principalities, Crimea, And Countries Adjacent To The Black Sea In The Years 1835-36". In this classic work, the author provides a detailed account of his travels in what was then a little-known region. He explores Asia Minor, the Crimea and adjoining regions, as well as lands now part of modern Ukraine. Complementing the text are over 50 illustrations. This book is highly sought after for its insightful commentary and rare early illustrations of these areas. You can now enjoy this book from our Trieste Books catalogue. Enjoy traveling Ukraine from your home together with Trieste Publishing.
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