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"Welcome to the Ireland category of Trieste Books. Ireland can rightfully be called one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world. For many years, the obstinate Irish tried to win back their independence, defend their culture and language. Thanks to this tourist there is always something to do on Irish soil. For a long time, Ireland was a mystery to foreign tourists, but today the country is winning the hearts of more and more travel lovers. Many interesting monuments, incredible beauty of landscapes and fascinating stories about the rich, though far from cloudless and very eventful history of this country - not only this attracts travelers from all over the world. Ireland accepts everyone as if they were their own, while giving the opportunity to experience the true Irish spirit - proud, independent, and full of dignity. The Irish are often imagined as harsh gentlemen with weapons or, conversely, as red-haired men in green suits who dance merrily. In fact, the Irish are hospitable, open-minded, cheerful people and sincerely love their country. A book from Trieste Books collection “The Tour Of The French Traveler M. De La Boullaye Le Gouz In Ireland, A.D. 1644"" can tell more about earlier travels in far 17th century Ireland. Ireland also remains a land of picturesque cliffs and cliffs, dense forests and parks. The nature here is northern, but welcoming and mild. There are many medieval temples and ancient castles on the territory of the state. The most romantic ones are on the rocks by the cold sea. For fishing enthusiasts, the book “How And Where To Fish In Ireland: A Hand-Guide For Anglers” by John Joseph Dunne may be of interest. You can get acquainted with the capital of Ireland Dublin and other cities in the book “A little tour in Ireland: being a visit to Dublin, Galway, Connamara, Athlone, Limerick, Killarney, Glengarriff, Cork, etc., etc.” You can also read about travels in Ireland and other countries in Leonard Allison Morrison's fascinating travelogue “Among The Scotch-Irish: And A Tour In Seven Countries, In Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, And Italy; With History Of Dinsmoor Family"". Windy Bill's book ""A Poor American In Ireland And Scotland"" will tell about travels from the United States of America to Ireland and Scotland. These and many other books from the Trieste Books collection are ready to give you the opportunity to get to know Ireland better from the comfort of your home. Discover the world and travel with Trieste Books, where there is a book for everyone. "
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