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Welcome to the Norway and Sweden category of Trieste Books. Norway and Sweden are Nordic countries and both are on the Scandinavian Peninsula and are neighboring countries. Our comprehensive collection of Trieste Books contains many exciting books that will guide you through your travels in these two Scandinavian countries. In A tour in Norway, William Scott conveys his impressions of the country, its landscapes, and inhabitants, describing what was prompted by his own observations during his visit, which, although brief, were fully involved. A month in Norway by John George Hollway is a short essay about Norway. This book is a short summer tour that aims to show fresh ground for those close enough to set aside a few summer weeks after a tiring year to fill their minds with nature. This is written to remind them what interesting people and countries will last for a few weeks so that they can get to know each other tolerably. But there must be hundreds of people who, despite the fact that they do not have yachts and have neither the skills nor the skills to fish in the rivers or chase wild reindeer in the Fjeldy, will nevertheless find a lot on a four-week tour of Norway. They will find populations in most rural areas that have not yet been tainted and tainted, with astounding customs and primitive manners; a country with majestic and wild landscapes, almost incomparable; with a climate, as far as I know, the most delightful and inspiring, and the way of travel is not a small part of the pleasure of its novelty and independence. Thus, this is done with the aim of encouraging many to follow the example of a few and look at Norway solely for the sake of enjoying its landscapes and getting to know its people, without necessarily including any idea of sports in such a visit. The goal of Richard Lovett's «Norwegian Pictures Drawn With Pen And Pencil: Containing Also A Glance At Sweden And The Gotha Canal» is to give those who have not yet been to Norway a glimpse of the wonderful beauty of the more accessible parts of the country. The book can also refresh the memories of those who have seen some of its most beautiful and famous areas. This book presents to the general reader a series of verbal pictures and engravings that fully illustrate the broad features of the Scandinavian landscape from the North Cape to Christiania and from Bergen to Stockholm. Trieste Books is also pleased to present to your attention books in the form of a series of letters around Sweden, such as "Rambles In Sweden: A Series Of Letters From Sweden To A Newspaper In America" by Sidney W. Cooper and "A Tour Through Sweden, Swedish-Lapland, Finland And Denmark: In A Series Of Letters, by Matthew Consett. Visit the amazing and colorful Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden with Trieste Books.
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