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Welcome to the Austria category of Trieste Books. Austria is located in the southern part of Central Europe, occupying part of the Eastern Alps and the territory along the Danube River. Austria shares borders with Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy. The capital, Vienna, is an elegant and grand city that betrays its imperial roots. It captivates travelers with the sounds of a waltz, amazes them with the beauty of its temples, palaces and squares, and attracts them with the aromas of pretty coffee houses. Vienna is a city for opera, sightseeing and architecture lovers. Salzburg is a city for classical music lovers and the birthplace of Austria's most famous son Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It too boasts picturesque landscapes and crystal clear rivers and lakes. To see the purest lakes and hot mineral springs tourists go to the charming Carinthia. In the warm season, tourists are attracted by the picturesque lakes. In winter, a real ski pilgrimage of tourists from all over the world begins. However, skiing is guaranteed regardless of the season, as there are many glaciers in the country. Austria is a land of rich cultural heritage, stunning mountain landscapes and delicious desserts. Here, each city is unique and inimitable in its own way. Perhaps that is why, along with their colorful photos, tourists return with an abundance of impressions. Traveling around Austria means visiting ancient monasteries and cities, enjoying delicious cuisine. Therefore, every traveler will find something special in Austria, a country that wins the heart of everyone who comes to visit it. Trieste Books is pleased to present a select collection of books on travel in Austria for your enjoyment. Discover elegant Austria and understand it better with Trieste Books.
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