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Welcome to the Benelux Countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) category of Trieste Books. The Benelux is a union of states made up of three neighboring monarchies. The name of the union is formed from the beginning of the name of each country of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. These three countries share a number of similarities, ranging from their topography and climate, which in turn influenced their culture and economy, from the nature of fish and potato cuisine to the famous Renaissance art. But it has also traditionally been a divided land: the Netherlands was a Protestant country, while Belgium and Luxembourg were Catholics; also the Netherlands and the northern half of Belgium (Flanders) speak Dutch, while southern Belgium speaks French. Belgium is one of those small countries that are called the "workshops of Europe" and is considered by Belgians to be the “heart of Europe”. Belgium's location allows it to accommodate all the best that is in Europe, despite its relatively small area. Since ancient times, the territory of Belgium has been a trade crossroads with many neighboring rulers dreaming of seizing it. There is definitely something special about Belgium, with its charming architecture that adorns the quaint old cobblestone neighborhoods and the energetic and carefree spirit of the Belgians. The Netherlands is famous all over the world for its unusual location, tulips, mills, cheese and a large number of museums here. Luxembourg begins its history in 963 under the name "Lucilinburch", which means "little castle" in Old High German. A person who first came to tiny Luxembourg is struck by the variety of landscapes that fit in such a small territory of this country. Luxembourg is rich in natural beauty as if it was specially created for free time and vacations. Benelux is the ideal gateway to mainland Europe for those taking their first steps. Distances between cities are short and these compact cities are easy to walk. Trieste Books has prepared an excellent collection of books on travel to the Benelux countries, including: Jerrard Grant Allen’s “Cities Of Belgium”; “Rough notes of a visit to Belgium, Sedan, and Paris in September 1870-71” by John Ashton; Geo. H. Heffner’s “The Youthful Wanderer; Or, An Account Of A Tour Through England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany And The Rhine, Switzerland, Italy, And Egypt, Adapted To The Wants Of Young Americans Taking Their First Glimpses At The Old World,” and many others. Discover and travel to the unique Benelux Countries with Trieste Books.
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