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"Welcome to the Poland, Hungary & Czech Republic category of Trieste Books. Each of these countries can surprise the traveler and we are pleased to provide you with such an opportunity. The book ""Cracow, The Royal Capital Of Ancient Poland: Its History And Antiquities"" by Leonard Lepszy tells about the amazing city of Krakow. Krakow, the time-honored residence of Polish kings, with its many monuments of ancient civilization and art, has every right to take a place among the famous historical cities, which the purpose of this work is to create for it in the opinion of the international community. Krakow, the towering capital and coronation city of the kings of ancient Poland, the royal burial vault of famous monarchs and famous poets, is located on the left bank of the Vistula River, which flows right through the territory of the former kingdom to flow into the Baltic. The collection of Trieste Books includes a wonderful book dedicated to the historical area of these countries ""In Bohemia"", which consists of an exhaustive number of illustrations by the famous Alphonse Mucha and other artists, short and interesting stories about this amazing area, allowing the reader to feel the atmosphere of amazing Bohemia. The pages of this book are meant to simply reflect and emit several million atmospheres in a reminiscent manner. Here and there, a line, a rhyme, or an incident will remind you of some similar experience, and, living it again, the reader will thank the publisher for the awakened delight. Hungary is located in the center of Europe, on the border of East and West, a stronghold of Western Europe stretching to the east: the country has indeed played the role of a breakwater for ten centuries of European history, against which waves of Eastern barbarism fell and were broken. With its clearly delineated natural boundaries, it was intended by nature itself to be a single state. From where in the west the Danube enters Hungary to the point where it leaves the country in the southeast, the long chain of the Carpathians forms a huge semicircle around Hungary: while the southern border forms along the Lower Danube and Sava, in the channel, corresponding to the northern line of the Carpathians. Thus, the whole country takes the shape of an ellipse, the correct shape of which is violated only by the isthmus of the land, protruding over the Adriatic Sea. A book from the Trieste Books collection ""Hungary: A Sketch Of The Country, Its People And Its Conditions"" by Julius de Vargha tells this and much more about Hungary. Travel with Trieste Books and discover the world in a new way. "
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