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Welcome to the France category of Trieste Books. France is a country of romance, where many dream of joie de vivre in the myriad cafes, picturesque villages and world-renowned gastronomy. Some come to follow in the footsteps of the great French writers, philosophers and artists, or to immerse themselves in its beautiful language. Others are drawn to the country's geographic diversity, with its long coastlines, massive mountain ranges and spectacular farmland views. People come to France for many reasons: its cities contain some of the continent's greatest treasures, its countryside is thriving and well-groomed, and it boasts dozens of major tourist attractions. This is an amazing country that combines an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance with a rich history and culture. There are areas as different from each other as the sunny French Riviera, urban chic Paris, windswept Atlantic beaches, snow-covered resorts of the French Alps, Renaissance castles in the Loire Valley, rugged hills. Celtic Brittany and Normandy are a historian's dream. Who has not dreamed of visiting Paris, the capital of the most romantic country in the world: strolling along the streets of Montmartre and having a cup of aromatic coffee with a delicious dessert in one of the many Parisian cafes? Or visit the Eiffel Tower and then take a boat trip along the Seine to see the city's main attractions. Nice is a sunny resort town, the pearl of the French Riviera. Monaco is a micro-state situated 30 kilometers from Nice, that is surrounded by the Alps and washed by the sea. Cannes is a fashionable resort in France on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, with a warm climate, golden sandy beaches, and amazing sights. Strasbourg is the intellectual center of Europe, located on the border of France and Germany. It boasts a prestigious university, second in importance after the Sorbonne, where Goethe himself studied. There is no other country in the world with such a number of attractions and cultural places. Here every traveler will find something for himself, related to his interests and tastes. Trieste Books is delighted to make available to you such classic works as: “About Paris” by Richard Harding Davis; John N. Raphael‘s “Pictures Of Paris & Some Parisians”; “A Little Tour In France” by Henry James, and many others. Travel romantic and gorgeous France and enjoy it with Trieste Books.
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