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Cookbooks, Food & Wine Books

Our Trieste Publishing catalogue features cook books from the earliest days until the twentieth century. You will find books that explain how to cook and what to cook. There are also practical books such as recipe books with a complete set of dishes as well as specialized ones such as books for the preparation of salads. Topics range from culinary history, preserving and canning and how to use canned food, cooking food for camping, the army and even royal food using different technologies, equipment and recipes.

A section of the Trieste catalogue is devoted to wine. Our books focus on the technology of wine production, its proper storage, collections and best exhibits.  Wine is an alcoholic beverage (strength: natural - 9-16% vol., Fortified - 16-22% vol.) obtained by full or partial alcoholic fermentation of grape juice (sometimes with the addition of alcohol and other substances - the so-called "fortified wine") while the science of wine is enology.

Cooking is a set of methods for preparing the various foods necessary for life and human health from minerals and products of plant and animal origin. Cooking methods and the ingredients themselves vary widely among different countries, peoples and social groups.  These different cuisines reflect the unique interconnections of culture, economy and traditions.

Cooking itself is highly dependent on both the skill and talent of the cook. To prepare tasty and healthy food, it is necessary to acquire certain knowledge of technology and skills in the culinary art of cooking.

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