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Trieste Publishing has compiled gastronomy books in this section. These books will help you understand the practice and art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food.

Do you like to eat deliciously? Then these books are for you. Food is not just satisfying hunger, but also culture, history, religion, customs, legends - and the people who make it appear on the table. These books compile universal rules for true gourmets: new and old tastes, fresh sensations, old recipes, pleasant dishes that are available in Provence, or in the Alps. This section is a hymn to the diversity of the world, which is definitely worth a taste!

Food occupies an important place in human life, therefore it is not surprising that recipes were collected and carefully stored from ancient times: this was done by the ancient Romans, and the court chefs of French kings, and the chefs of presidents, celebrities, businessmen, and our grandmothers and mothers. Studying gastronomic books is a pleasant journey into the delicious and refined world of food.

Gastronomic culture can tell a lot of interesting things about the character and mentality of the people, and the character of an individual will tell us his tastes.

Gastronomic books from Trieste Publishing - an exquisite delight for the most demanding gourmets!

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