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Trieste Publishing offers you cookbooks that even experienced housewives dream of. They not only acquaint readers with the benefits, the basics and all kinds of ways of canning and preserving at home but also allow you to do this while preserving the beneficial properties of fruits, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms. Here are collected the best recipes, time-tested and able to satisfy every taste: here are simple, original and traditional, for beginners and experienced "conservatives", for busy, "lazy people" and gourmets who like to surprise with unusual recipes.

You do not need much time and effort to cook these pickles in both cold and hot canning methods. You will be able to preserve vitamins and nutrients in fruits and vegetables and pamper yourself and loved ones with mouth-watering food all year round. Prepare peppers stuffed with apples, canned corn, mixed vegetables, tender tomatoes with cherry plum, spicy squash with garlic, berry jam or plum jam melting in your mouth make sure - it is very tasty!

From these books, you will learn about traditional and classic ways of salting, sourdough, pickling, drying of vegetables and fruits, preparation of dressings for first courses. Many simple and quick recipes will save you time and provide the family with the most necessary, tastiest and most useful.

Taste the delicious canned and preserved food prepared by Trieste Publishing cookbooks! Bon appetit!

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