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This section widely presents both professional and popular medical literature on diets. Those who lead a healthy lifestyle will probably be interested in books about alternative medicine and rehabilitation, about healthy eating.

Our Trieste Publishing offers you a large selection of literature on a variety of diets.

You can also buy in Trieste Publishing medical dictionaries, reference books and encyclopedias about diets, which are designed for both professionals and students of medical colleges, universities.

Healthy eating is the basis of a proper life for many people. It is a choice and a way of life that moves many of us forward. Habits that are passed on to our children and grandchildren are also based on this choice. By reading books about healthy eating and diet, we have the opportunity not only to satisfy a hunger for new information but also to learn to eat right. Some literature on diets also indicates that eating can prevent many diseases. Some books on diets are intended only to introduce the rules, some may suggest a way to do so, in others you will find a direct path to a balanced diet.

Books on healthy eating and diet are designed to teach you, eat and understand what your body needs. Books provide information and methods of its application. You need to realize that you need a healthy lifestyle. After all, even with a lot of useful information, you can get lost and not know how to use it. A big city is a great opportunity and temptation. Sometimes there is not enough time to cook breakfast, but in the evening you can eat completely. It is wrong.

You need to have a certain balance in meals. You need to find time for breakfast and dinner. All meals should be wholesome and balanced. This seems to be being talked about everywhere. Exactly how to eat and what not to eat, the answers to these questions can be found in books about healthy eating, about various diets.

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