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There are occasions when it is necessary to cook something extraordinary, to amaze with the talents of the cook or simply to feed a close person deliciously. Weddings, birthdays, banquets, holiday dinners, romantic dinners, Christmas or other religious or public holidays. For such cases, Trieste Publishing has compiled cookbooks with special recipes in this section. Your important event will be delicious and special!

For you - delicious recipes of national cuisines from around the world, recipes from famous chefs, dishes that will create will make your mood and the mood of your guests festive.

Here you will find dishes from exotic ingredients, unusual and delicious recipes, recipes of royal chefs and recipes of peoples from different parts of the world.

For many nations, a holiday is primarily a festive table. Since ancient times, any event was marked by a special meal - plentiful and, if possible, in something unusual. For home, family holidays, the occasion can be any event.

An important stage in preparing for a feast is making a menu. In this section, you will find many recipes for all types of dishes: snacks, salads, main dishes from various products, and desserts.

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