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The tradition of completing a feast on a "sweet note" is accepted by most of the peoples of the world. That is why baking and desserts delight not only children and sweet tooth but just lovers of good food. Sweet treats are considered the pinnacle of culinary excellence and are an indispensable component of the daily menu and the festive table.

This section of Trieste Publishing consists of collections of various pastries and desserts. The books easily and readily explain how to prepare traditional sweet foods of the different countries of the world and favorite childhood dishes, including all kinds of cakes, pies, cookies, pancakes, drinks, soufflés, ice cream and much more. Here you will find recipes that do not require complex ingredients and are perfect for creating a festive menu and preparing dishes for every day.

Only risk ignoring appetizing pastries and desserts, especially when a happy holiday or important date comes! Pies, crumbly cupcakes, bagels with fragrant jam, not to mention cakes, weightless mousses and greasy creams ... These treats are always ready to delight guests with their indescribable taste and aroma. It is sometimes not easy to cook them in an ordinary kitchen, even for an experienced housewife. But with Trieste Publishing cookbooks, it's easy. Here you will find useful books with recipes that will delight gourmets. It looks elegant and unusual on the table, but does not take much effort and saves nerves in the cooking process - home baking will be a powerful final chord of any holiday in the circle of people dear to you.

A lot of useful tips and information: ways to knead different types of dough, the laws that create icing and fondant, the subtleties of creams, the nuances of syrups and impregnation of cakes, decorations for pies, cakes and pastries, the optimal temperature and baking time, and other culinary secrets are by no means a complete list of what is in the books of Trieste Publishing. The only thing you have to think about is to decide on the choice, having previously studied our list, buy books at a good price, and open at home, start baking a skillful dessert, following clear instructions and recipes. From now on, guests will fight for the right to get a seat at your table!

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