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Arts & Entertainment Books

This category contains books on the topic of art and entertainment with which you can familiarize yourself and buy.

First, you need to find out what art is.

Art is a material manifestation of consciousness and culture, imaginary, as sufficiently completed, exemplary in its significance in civilization.

In a broad sense, art refers to full-fledged skills in some business; mastery; technology for the production of things or effects; or also those phenomena themselves - works of art. “Artificial” means not spontaneous, but anthropogenic. This or that art - for example, the art of cooking food, programming computers, knitting knots ... - these are methods of producing artificial effects, tested by public practice in the corresponding field of tasks.

By “simple” art or “arts”, without mentioning tasks and applications, they usually mean fine arts that follow difficult motives to influence feelings and mind. A number of areas of classical and other arts hold the priority of the task of reflecting reality, Nature.

The second part of this large category is devoted to entertainment. The entertainment of the people they wrote down in books, sharing their hobbies and telling them about the next generations.

Entertainment is one of the most important areas of everyday life, which, along with education, can significantly affect the state of society. The need for them appears immediately after the satisfaction of primary needs. Satisfaction with their quality and accessibility is an indicator for a person of his social status, and for society - an indicator of the development of the economy of the country as a whole and its social sphere in particular, since the formation of the entertainment industry is a direct consequence of achieving a certain level of income of the population when it appears available funds. The practice of creating special conditions for organizing entertainment processes has led to the emergence of a fairly powerful entertainment industry, which in its present form has developed by the end of the 20th century. The books of Trieste Publishing will affect and introduce you to the birth of the era of entertainment, and this is the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century, when concert halls, casinos, cinemas, parks, attractions, night clubs, cafes, water parks, began to develop in large numbers.

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