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Books About Painting

The literature on painting introduces the readers to the history of the development of painting, genres, and prominent artists who influenced the culture of the past and the present.

Picture books make us kinder and wiser.

Painting books are a source of inspiration and aesthetics.

One way to express feelings is through drawing. The inner world of the artist and the external factors influencing the style of his paintings have been the subject of conversation and research for centuries. Some argue that the talent to draw and feel the color is a skill that cannot be acquired. Some, on the other hand, argues that a person forms his own baggage of skills, and only by working on himself can he reach heights. Painting books contain information about the main trends in painting, its schools, and styles, as well as the history of techniques that artists use to create their paintings. Of course, it is better to get acquainted with a painting by looking at original works than printed images. But the fact that you can gain new knowledge and inspiration from books is a fact that should be taken into account.

Trieste Publishing offers its readers a large selection of books that are aesthetically pleasing and a great gift for everyone. A good book is the best gift.

In this section among books Trieste Publishing you will find books about the primitives, Durer and Holbein, the little masters and great painters of the low countries, later dutch painters and Venetian masters, the Spanish painters and later English art, grand manner and Nattier, french eighteen-century art and impressionists, etc.

We are sure that turning the pages of books about painting, everyone will feel something individual, unique to him. And Trieste Publishing will be happy to develop those feelings.

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