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Books About Artists

Behind every masterpiece lies an equally interesting life of the author of a work of art. The agony of creativity, bohemian life, muses and lovers - all this is hidden in almost all artistic biographies. These books about artists are likely to become not only a cure for boredom, but also help to better understand the history of the creation of great paintings, lifestyles and historical circumstances that influenced the development of the artistic process. We offer a selection of books about artists from Arts & Entertainment catalogue.

Art surrounds us throughout life, but for its understanding, it is not always enough just to go to museums or take selfies on the background of monuments. And here books come to our aid.

We have selected publications that will help you understand art.

This section presents books about artists of different eras, ranging from medieval miniatures, with their allegories and classical understatement, and ending with the experiments of the New Age. Stories of various styles, short biographies of artists and beautiful illustrations make this section of books an almost indispensable thing for those who want to understand fine art.

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