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How To Survive With Comedy

So it’s cold outside, maybe the coldest winter on record in your part of the world. You’ve read the novels, you’ve watched the movies and now you need a little help to get you through these dark days. Satire can also make us see things in a new light and realize that an experience isn't as bad as we thought it was - battling cancer for example. If some dose of jokes will not warm your heart, they will at least make you laugh. Comedy has been around for a long time. It's longer than you might think. The first jokes are thought to have appeared about 2500 BC, and ancient Greek philosophers (like Aristotle and Plato) discussed the importance of comedy.

So, why is a comedy so important in our life? Because it helps us to:

1) Understand ourselves better

2) Learn from our mistakes avoiding sentiments

3) Appreciate the absurdities of life, which lowers stress levels and improves your health

If you want to learn about comedy, look at the books of humor we have collected. These manuals will give you an idea of what Comedy is and how it works.

The Science A Humor Book

The theory of humor is an aspect of cognitive science that attempts to explain why people find some things funny and others not. This discipline is the basis of the art of comedy. The two most common points of view are the "faculty theory" and "disposition theory." The faculty theory posits that certain people possess a certain combination of cognitive characteristics which make them more apt to laugh. While others have a different set of characteristics that make them more prone to laugh. The fact is, laughing is almost always a social activity. Humor serves as a verbal glue that binds us together in a cohesive group. In our store, you will find books about the history and theory of comedy. They are produced for those men and women who aspire to become professionals. You will find such titles as The Anatomie Of Humors; The Hand-Book Of Joking; Or, What To Say, Do, And Avoid; Brief Biographical Sketches Of American Humorists. These pieces of work are exclusive and hard to download epub. They are written by the claimed authors of the field. This list consists of George Niblo Wm. S. Walsh Alexander Orr Stanton Vaughn, William M. Clemens, Doris Kenyon, Simion Grahame, Strickland Gillilan.
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