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"Welcome to the West category of Trieste Publishing. This travel-book category will allow you to select your favorite authors, and then read about their special places and experience in Montana, New Mexico, Hawaii, California and other Western states of the USA. Let us introduce to you some books which are dedicated to traveling West. Trieste Publishing is pleased to recommend to you the book “To California Over The Santa Fe Trail” written by C. A. Higgins. This book describes a colorful journey through the West of the United States of America. On the pages you can find travel descriptions of places like New Mexico, Arizona, Southern and Central California. Each page is adorned with one or more illustrations by J. T. McCutcheon & Carl N. Werntz. There is another one illustrative book about traveling West ""The West from a car window"" by Richard Harding Davis. This book is a travelogue, map and views of the West of the United States. The book is intended for the reader who wants to know more about this vast region and its people before beginning a trip there. Also you can check “A summer journey in the West” by Mrs. Steele. This little book is nothing more than a notebook of everything that happened before the author's observation during a summer journey of four thousand miles across the great lakes; the prairies of Illinois; the Illinois, Mississippi and Ohio rivers; and through the Allegany Mountains to New York. The author also added a little information about the western states to her notes and letters in the hope that her book may be useful to future tourists who will find here an account of distances, vehicles along the author's entire route. You can easily find these and many other books dedicated to travel in the West of the United States of America in our catalog. We have selected for you the best books from this genre for your pleasure, so that you can go on an exciting journey without leaving your home. Travel and explore incredible West of the United States together with Trieste Publishing books. "
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