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"Welcome to the United States category of Trieste Publishing. The United States is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world. From its rocky west coast to its rolling prairies, from its deep forests to the great lakes, the land of opportunity spans over half a billion acres and boasts a vast array of natural beauty. There are breathtaking mountains, beautiful cities, serene seas, and endless wilderness. Our collection of the best travel books includes all that and more about this expansive country from across four continents. We present to you a book from our collection of travels in the United States “A Tramp Across The Continent” by Charles F. Lummis. This book is travel notes about happy vagrancy. It was written in a hurry under the oil lamps of country hotels, greasy lawns in sections or ranches, the smoky pine twigs of cowboys or a hunter's hut, the crackling fog of Mexican mud bricks, or the crackling of the tallow of my lonely campfire on the plains; and out of this wandering body and spirit, the author did not attempt to unnecessarily civilize him. An honest chronicle of such a journey would not be a chronicle at all. This is simply a true record of some of the experiences and impressions of a walk across the continent - a diary of a person who went beyond the boundaries of civilization and was happy about it. It's a simple story of joy on your feet. You can find no less amazing travels in the book “Wonderland, or, Twelve weeks in and out of the United States” by Edward S. Parkinson. Including twenty-four photographs and illustrations, this book takes you on an astonishing journey through the United States and a little bit beyond. This is a short summary of places visited such as Yosemite Valley, Alaska, the great Shoshone Falls, Yellowstone National Park, and a short visit to Mexico. If the following pages are of interest to American tourists and international tourists who read these notes, or provide them with any assistance in making a similar trip, the efforts of the author will not be in vain. Also we would like to mention the book ""Rambles Overland. A Trip Across The Continent"" by Almon Gunnison. A book is about a trip across the continent of North America. It tells the story of a man who travels through many countries and experiences travel and adventure along the way. This book consists of fourteen amusing chapters of author’s journey experience across this vast and diverse continent. You can find these and many other books on Traveling the United States in the Trieste Publishing catalog. Trieste Publishing has selected the best books on the United States for you so that you can get the maximum pleasure and impressions from reading. "
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