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In this section, Trieste Publishing has collected biographies and memoirs of prominent women, as well as famous people from the fields of crime, criminals, military, adventurers, explorers.


To tell you about all the great women in the history of mankind, we would not have enough life. Trieste Publishing offers you biographies, memoirs, life stories, real-life stories and memories of the great women of the world.


Here you will find stories about the lives of those whose ways, by the will of fate, intersect with the ways of the law - about representatives of the criminal world, criminals. This is an amazing, romantic and at the same time cruel world, according to the laws of which these people live, who so often call themselves "people of honor."


Biographies and memoirs about military leaders, commanders, soldiers, military, about people of war and people in war - of all times, peoples.


Biographies and memoirs of adventurers. Sometimes fraud becomes not just a way to make money, but a way of life. Famous adventurers masterfully transform, changing their name, profession and biography. The more talented a swindler, the more risky ventures he undertakes, fooling scientists and millionaires, misleading entire companies and even cities.

Trieste Publishing also offers you biographies and memoirs of famous explorers, travelers, sailors, explorers of new lands. Columbus, Magellan, Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama and others.


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