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This section - books about crimes and criminals, biographies and memoirs.

The criminal world is a terrible thing, but attractive. Millions of stories and millions of rumors are circulating about him, but what really is there? How do they live there, how do they get there? Books from the crimes and criminals section will tell you about the most high-profile crimes known to criminals and their lives. These books will help to understand why a person made a mistake and chose the criminal world.

What pushes a person to a crime? Does education play a role, or is it all a matter of heredity? Here you will learn the secrets, hidden, forgotten pages of the criminal acts of countless criminals: deception, meanness, betrayal, inappropriate behavior or terrible crimes, which are proof that a person is subconsciously disposed to destruction.

The attractiveness of free life and the hope of a quick enrichment prompted many to step on a crooked path. Pirates and filibusters, mafiosi and builders of financial pyramids, thieves and scammers ... They were loved and hated, condemned, criticized. We do not praise the genius of these criminal talents. We simply recognize that outstanding abilities can be used both for good and for evil. Who are they - impudent, cunning, crazy?

Read Trieste Publishing books on crime and criminals in this section.


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