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Trieste Publishing invites you to learn interesting details about the life of military, adventurers and explorers.

Here you will find biographies and memoirs of the military. These books will tell you about wars and military life. Books about wars in which naive boys became "cannon fodder" - and either died or became stronger. About wars, where love is only a brief moment of peace, with no past or future ... About wars - which you want to forget, but you can’t but remember! ..

You can also read biographies and memoirs of adventurers. They are brilliant and unpredictable, charming and cynical. They know how to convince and like. People admire them and people hate them. Not all classic adventurers are lucky, but most are the spoils of fate. Someone became an adventurer due to circumstances. Someone chose this path purposefully. There are romantic love stories, and exciting, dangerous adventures, and treasure hunts.

Read books about travelers, explorers. Books that not only help to survive adventures with the heroes and travel back in the imagination to the amazing places of our planet, but inspire us to travel around the world ourselves. Are you dreaming of distant lands, random fellow travelers, worn-out boots and one-way tickets, but just can't decide on a real trip? We have compiled wonderful books about travelers and explorers. Perhaps after reading them you yourself will gain inspiration and courage to finally rush to where the soul calls.

Biographies and memoirs about military, adventurers and explorers from Trieste Publishing.

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