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In this section Trieste Publishing collected songbooks and singing.


Absolutely everyone has some talents. Some draw well, some dance well, and some can sing or play musical instruments. But every talent needs to be developed, reinforced with new knowledge, skills, etc. For those who master vocal skills, learn to sing or play musical instruments, sooner or later will need music literature.


In this section, we have collected classical literature on singing, songbooks, songs that can be sung to the accompaniment of a piano, accordion, guitar and other accompanying musical instruments. The books in this section are intended for a wide range of music lovers.


Here you will find songs from England and Italy, Germany and Spain, songs from around the world. Folk songs, elegies, hymns, cult songs, feast songs, love songs, odes. Medieval songs — canzona, alba, rondo, serenade, ballad — they were composed of troubadours and minstrels.


You will also find songs by prominent composers who worked in the song genre - F. Schubert, J. Brahms, J. Bizet, J. Rossini, J. Verdi, P. Tchaikovsky, S. Rachmaninoff and others.


Songs from folk singing, academic singing, pop singing.


Sing with Trieste Publishing!

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