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Welcome to this section to everyone who is interested in culture, art and music!


We bring to your attention the widest range of books on music. For music lovers and professional musicians, Trieste Publishing offers sheet music, musical scores, music history books.


You can buy sheet music, scores, notes, notebooks for notes and educational literature, manuals and workbooks for music lessons.


This section will be useful for both music lovers and professionals, teachers of music schools and their students will find useful products for themselves. Dreaming to master a musical instrument yourself? Trieste Publishing offers beginner musicians guides on percussion, wind instruments, guitar, vocals. You can buy orchestrations for groups, choral scores and many other useful musical literature from us. A set of notes for any composition: 1 voice, blows, piano/clavier part, trio, quartet, quintet, chamber ensemble, an orchestra of any composition: chamber, symphonic, folk, wind, pop, choir and any other compositions.


The section “Sheet music and scores”, in addition to educational literature and manuals, contains books on the psychology of art, materials for teachers, books on choreography, biographies of composers, musicians, singers, dancers.


Buy books on music, sheet music, scores from Trieste Publishing.

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