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"Welcome to the Presbyterian category of Trieste Publishing Books. Presbyterianism is one of the directions in Protestantism and a special form of church organization. Presbyterianism is viewed as one of the branches of Calvinism, as it is based on the teachings of John Calvin and thus viewed, in a broader sense, the Reformed Church. The organizational foundation of the Presbyterian Church was laid during the Reformation in Scotland by the Protestant reformers John Knox and Andrew Melville. Presbyterian doctrine is based on faith in the sovereignty of God, including in the issue of salvation, divine predestination, the infallibility of Holy Scripture. Presbyterianism denies the need for clergy participation in the matter of salvation, and in this respect there is no episcopal structure in the Presbyterian churches, and the church organization is a collection of parishes governed by elders and pastors elected by the parishioners. We are pleased to present to your attention one of the many books in our catalog ""Presbyterianism three hundred years ago"" by Wm. P. Breed. The book contains the following points: a statement of fact, together with corroborating evidence of the fact that three hundred years ago the Protestant world was almost exclusively a Presbyterian world; a quick survey of this Presbyterianism in its development since the inception of the Reformation, and a look at an aspect of this area three hundred years ago; a look at the main champions from both sides who participated in the conflict; the account of some incidents during the great conflict of those memorable times. You may also be interested in the book by the same author ""Presbyterians and the revolution"". Considering religious movements, one cannot ignore those who stood at their origins, as in this case John Knox was such a person. Therefore, we have selected for you biographical books about the life of the leader of the Reformation in Scotland and the founder of the Presbyterian Church ""John Knox"" from WM. M. Taylor, and don't miss “John Knox: His Ideas and Ideals” by James Stalker. Learn more about Presbyterianism with Trieste Publishing Books. "
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