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Religion Books

Trieste Publishing extensive Religious catalogue contains collections of parables, stories and other religious literature. We have titles such as 'The Religion of Ancient Scandinavia' or 'The Religious Sentiments of the Human Mind' - a story examining how eternal questions are closely intertwined with everyday human problems. Such works will undoubtedly become pearls in your home library and will fill the house with harmony and warmth.

The Trieste online store offers you quality books on world religions. It is literature that will become a true companion for life. It will guide, advise and teach you to live in truth and with faith in a bright future. It can help you to find yourself and isolate life's tasks. Separately, the publications will be of interest to those who study the world's beliefs, are interested in the religious customs and practices of other nations.

Religion is a widespread phenomenon and special form of interaction with the world. It is built on the belief in supernatural powers, including moral tenets, norms of behaviour, rites, worship, and association in religious areas.

Religious belief is diverse and spread over many regions in the world. It may stem from people’s belief in a higher power and their concern with their heart and soul. Religions preach morality and love for other people, speaks of compassion and help to establish harmony with this world. It is this that gives inspiration to the realization of ideas, breathes meaning into our lives and outlines the clear mission of everyone on this earth. Because it doesn't really matter who your God is - Jesus Christ, Jaryl, or Odin. At the end of their "purpose," one always finds rest, eternal happiness, unearthly life, is equal to its creators, and becomes at peace.

Faith has always been a significant sphere of human life. The most common religions in the world are Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. For many people in the world, religion remains an important part of social life. It is a way of rethinking the world and everyone’s place in it. Many people have made significant contributions to the development of religious denominations, primarily Protestant and Catholic. In our Trieste bookstore you can order or buy books from the category Religious Literature.

Faith The Christian religion is one of the most common religions in the world. In our catalogue you will find books on the history of religious literature, numerous collections of sermons and liturgies for daily reading, autobiographical and artistic works on Christianity and Orthodox teaching in particular. Also, you will find various works of foreign leaders of Christian doctrine, such as Christ the End of the Law: Being the Preface to the Geneva Bible of 1550 of Jean Calvin. You can buy many interesting books on Christianity on our site and we will deliver by mail or courier.

We have books on the history of religion for those who want to learn more about the origin of foreign faiths, obtain knowledge about the lives of famous religious figures or for those seeking advice from those who have long since departed leaving behind their sermons and autobiographies.

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