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The history of Japan is not counted from any specific date. The settlement of the territories began about 40 thousand years ago, although, of course, there was no talk of any state then. The ancient Japanese lived in small communities of 20-30 people, hunting, fishing and gathering. About three centuries BC, rice-growing and blacksmithing technologies were brought to the islands from Korea and China. Agriculture meant a sedentary lifestyle, and rice cultivation, which required constant watering, led communities to move to river valleys. It was with the advent of agriculture that tribal unions began to unite in the likeness of small states. The first mentions of the states located on the territory of modern Japan appeared in the Chinese chronicles of the 1st century AD. Three dozen out of a hundred, which are mentioned in the historical chronicles of those years, established contacts with China, sending their embassies and tributes there.

Japan is one of the most mysterious countries in Asia. In the Land of the Rising Sun, there has always been a special attitude to family, raising children and work. In Japan, everything is measured, here everyone thinks about the meaning of life, about the main and secondary, about the search for harmony - this approach to life allows you to achieve high results in many areas. That is why today more and more people want not only to learn about life in Japan but also to get acquainted with Japanese history. Books on the history of Japan from Trieste Publishing will be the best helper in this matter. We have presented to your attention the best books on history that will help you learn as much as possible about life in this interesting country.


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