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History Books

In our Historical catalogue you will find many books from different eras and places. Subcategories include American History, the History of Europe, Central Asia etc., Ancient History, Medieval History Renaissance era and more.

To help you search it can help to define the term history. History comes from the ancient Greek word --στορία - a story, a retelling of a known, explored past). History is also a science that studies humanity’s past, relying on written and material evidence of past events. A history researcher is a historian, a person with the appropriate training and professional background.

Of all the known historical "facts" only a small number can be fully verified and confirmed. Most scholars involved in the study of historical documents agree that the modern view of life in one way or another affects our interpretation and vision of the past. Therefore, at one and the same historical event, there may be several different points of view, each of which is valuable.

However, the most valuable are those views and studies that are based on primary sources - documents created during or shortly after the events under study.

History is studied in schools and institutes. There are also special historical disciplines related to history such as Archontology, which is a scientific discipline that studies the history of positions in national, international, political, religious, and other social structures. The object of study is the chronology, the sequence of changes of officials, their biographies and other data.

Archeology is an independent historical science that studies the life, material culture of people of past epochs by archeological finds (artifacts). Heraldry is a science that studies coats of arms, colored emblems belonging to individuals, genera, or communities.

You can search by entering the relevant subcategory, title or author in our directory or contact our team if you have any questions. 

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