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Health, Fitness & Dieting Books

Your health is the most important thing in life so Trieste Publishing has many books dedicated to it.

You can find books on maintaining proper nutrition (a balance of carbohydrates and fats in the body, a good diet or fitness and ways to maintain an active lifestyle.

Defining the concept of "health" is a fundamental problem for modern medical and biological science. Since this concept has many aspects and is conditioned by many factors, it requires a comprehensive approach to solve it. Everyone is well aware that "health is good and illness is bad." It is more difficult to explain the essence of health than the essence of illness. That is why a definite, comprehensive definition of the concept of "health" does not exist yet. The preamble to the Charter of the World Health Organization (WHO) states that health is not only a lack of disease or physical defect, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

The term Diet comes from the Greek δίαιτα - lifestyle, diet - a set of rules for the consumption of food by humans or other living organism. Diet can be characterized by factors such as chemical composition, physical properties, culinary processing of food, as well as time and intervals of food intake. Diets of different cultures can be significantly different to include or exclude specific foods.

The Trieste Directory’s large selection of books outline different types of diets and lifestyles.  However, remember if you decide to eat, diet or exercise differently this affects human health, so before doing so, you should always consult your doctor/nutritionist.

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