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Death is a paradoxical topic in today's culture, and books about it reflect this. On the one hand, almost no one talks about death, and you won't find shelves about it in bookstores. On the other hand, you can see how ultimately all human books, from romantic novels to the texts of 20th century European philosophers (and certainly biographies, which all end the same), do not just narrate, but directly scream death. Some people think that the only reason for a person to write is precisely this: your text will outlive you if it finds its own reader. This absence/presence of death in culture is superimposed on an extraordinary variety of ways to keep silent or speak out about death. Death can be viewed as a social phenomenon, it can be medical or legal (the death penalty debate), philosophical arguments can be applied to it, or it can be seen as an adaptive advantage from the point of view of evolutionary biology, or you can to speak about religion. Here's what you can read about all this.

Death is the strongest, deepest fear of every person. It would seem that “when we are here, there is no death, when death is here, we are no longer there,” as Epicurus thought. What, then, is the real reason for our worries? And can you learn to think about death without fear? In this section, you will find books with which the conversation on this forbidden topic will become easier.

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